Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

A Night Up North

A northern soul show with by Scottieboyuk & Roosticman

This mix is also a sad story about the death of Roosticman. Albert aka Roosticman, musicologist, walker, freestyle and global lover. He belonged to the night circuit of the cities. He started as a musician and included at the same time a career as a sound engineer. Sad story and rest in peace friendly man.




Scottieboy is usually found in his record room, a man cave if you will, surrounded by his records, his many records. Ones from a long time ago and ones from now.

One minute he is rocking underground house and the next twisted, dubbed up disco, the next conscious Reggae.

Having grown up in a hotel, he knows what people want, few DJ’s know the crowd as he does, started doing weddings at 16, DJing for mates and organising Bowie nights, when the family hotel function hall was free it all happened at an early age. Been doing it for over 35 years. Music loves Scottieboy and Scottieboy loves music!

Here we are with an amazing mix of one and and half hour of Nothern’s Best. Featuring Ila Van, Mamie Lee, Willie & The Mighty Magnificence, Jack Montgomery, Willie Hutch and more.

Highlight for me is Chuck Wood, a soul artist born in Tyler, Texas who moved to Los Angeles. He is known to have recorded for Warner Brothers, but his best known track Seven Days Too Long” was released on the Roulette label in 1967. Another killer is find by The Velvets from 1973 or “Yo-Yo” is a song written by Joe South and first released as a single by Billy Joe Royal in 1966.

Make shure to have check Roosticman‘s over 400 Shows on Mixcloud! What a man! Thanks Scottie to having a part of this great collaboration with Albert.
Michel from Funkologie

Playlist may follow.