Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock


Eclectic 3

A soulful guest Mix by Nenad alias Eclectic, United States.




Nenad is a passionate music lover and collector. Not professionally connected with the music industry, he does this to promote myself, but rather to share the creativity of sometimes lesser known artists with a broader audience.

Eclectic record his mixes while browsing through tunes from various styles of exceptional music, hence, ec·lec·tic.

We very much appreciate how Eclectic always tastefully puts its mixes together. All mixes are unique, some kind of special and always of good quality.

This beauty starts with a great Rhythm and Blues track by Ike & Tina from 1970 and continues through artists unknown to me, such as Willie Walker. Walker was reared in Memphis, where he soaked up the local gospel and soul vibes of the Bluff City. He switched to singing soul and R&B, several times returning to Memphis to record.
Annette Snell was a member of a vocal backing group, the Mar-Vells. In 1968, Snell left the group to go to New York, and then to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a solo career. “Love Connection” is from 1973.

Another highlight of the mix is The SweeteensI’m Your Woman (You’re My Man)” who can be found on the compilationCan’t Be Satisfied – The XL And Sounds Of Memphis Story”. A beauty is James Carpenter as he breathes into the microphone “Marriage is only a state of mind” … lovely
Is It Right” aswell was new to us from Kevin Burton’s which can be found on a few compilations. A real groover.

But the breaker is for sure Joe Hicks with “Life And Death” from 1970. He found limited success in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Hicks recorded an album for a subsidiary label of Stax Records. Damn good.

I would like to thank Eclectic for sharing this beauty.
Michel from Funkologie.


  1. Ike & Tina Turner – Too Much Woman (For A Henpecked Man)
  2. Willie Walker – Two Paces Ahead Of Love
  3. Shelly Fisher – St James Infirmary
  4. Scott Brothers – Gotta Get Away From You
  5. Annette Snell – Love Connection
  6. Barbara West – You’re No Good
  7. Roger Collins – Foxy Girls In Oakland
  8. Barbara Mason – What Am I Gonna Do
  9. Sugar Pie DeSanto – Straighten It Out With Your Man
  10. The Sweeteens – I’m Your Woman (You’re My Man)
  11. Betty Wright – All Your Kissin’
  12. James Knight & Butlers – Fantasy World
  13. James Carpenter – State Of Mind
  14. Apple & Three Oranges – My Love Needs Your Love
  15. Joe Arnold – Soul Trippin’
  16. Kevin Burton & Peace – Is It Right
  17. Joe Hicks – Life And Death
  18. Billy – Put Your Own Words To It
  19. Cheyenne – Come Back To Me
  20. Dennise LaSalle – Love Addict