Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

Carol Kaye in Studio

Carol Kaye Master of Iconic Bass Lines in Music History

If you’ve ever tapped your foot to a classic hit from the 1960s or ’70s, chances are you’ve been grooving to the masterful bass lines of Carol Kaye. From The Beach Boys to Frank Sinatra, Carol Kaye’s influential bass playing is a cornerstone of the golden age of popular music…. 

Betty Davis

Betty Davis: The Raw Power of Funk

In the pantheon of music legends, few artists have been as groundbreaking yet underappreciated as Betty Davis. A trailblazer in funk and rock, Davis’s raw talent, unapologetic sexuality, and innovative sound paved the way for future generations of musicians. This article delves into the life, career, and lasting impact of… 

Curtis Mayfield

Love Is Plentiful – Vibrant blend of soul and rich vocal arrangements

Iconic tracks take you back to an era when music was all about raw emotion and unbridled expression. With soulful melodies and dynamic rhythms that emphasize the motivational message of the songs.   The Music … Do You Know Your Woman – Bobby Moore, The Rhythm AcesThough their discography is… 

All Aboard The Funky Soul Train

How’s Your Love Life? All Aboard The Funky Soul Train

This fusion of funk and soul takes you back to a time when music celebrated life, love and the joy of dancing, with some tracks embodying the spirit of the disco era.   Jungle Walk – Disco?A rare album recorded in 1976. Hang on in There – The Stovall SistersThe… 

Portrait of Neguinho Poeta from the Favela in Rio.

Neguinho Poeta – A vibrant mix under the sun

Exploring the vibrant soundscape: A musical journey through brazilian grooves. In this musical journey, we delve into a curated selection of iconic tracks that exemplify the depth and richness of Brazilian music. Besides classic hits to hidden gems, each song offers a unique glimpse into the soul of Brazil and… 

Man with saxophone aiming a soul ranger

Soul Ranger – The timeless spirit of lesser-known treasures

Musicians with an undeniable and irresistible charm. Get ready for a soulful journey through the decades with this mix, featuring smooth vocals, infectious grooves, and uplifting melodies that will keep you dancing all night long. From timeless classics to hidden gems, each track brings its own unique flavor to the…