Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

Straight Out The Jungle

A delicious cake of b-boy hip hop and scratches’n’breaks.   Pnut Butter Beats The new school of hip hop was the second wave of hip hop music, originating in 1983–84 with the early records of Run-D.M.C. and LL Cool J. As with the hip hop preceding it, the new school… 

Cold Night in Santa Fe

The first mix of the year 2023… Nice to have you back!   Heaven’s On The Other Side A mix full of trendy soul music from today picked with some evergreens from the past. Black Rain – Ben HarperHarper is a fantastically talented musician and he has a really great… 

Ghost Walk

Nowhere in funk are there so many young bands celebrating Afrobeat. A niche that is alive and creative. Because it is so open to variations influenced by jazz, funk or rock. This style is popular with many performers. It is also a challenge to keep the polyrhythm and groove. This… 

Infernal Blues Machine

“My mother tried to flush me. That’s how I learned to swim. She didn’t need a baby. No, she did it for a whim. My father was a junkie. A low-down dirty shame. He left my mother nothin‘. And he didn’t leave me his name” from “Swim” by Jack Hammer…. 

The Black Rabbit In Kashmir

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Funkologie Crew Sensations Vol.16

A soul trip par excellence. Enjoy our journey to soul heaven put together by our great team of experts.   This is a collaboration with our Facebook group members. The team consists of Anne McMahon, Salim Srour, Tourpas Ioannis, Denis Rychner and many more! Funkologie – Hot Funk and Soulbeats… 

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