Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

All Aboard The Funky Soul Train

How’s Your Love Life? All Aboard The Funky Soul Train

This fusion of funk and soul takes you back to a time when music celebrated life, love and the joy of dancing, with some tracks embodying the spirit of the disco era.   Jungle Walk – Disco?A rare album recorded in 1976. Hang on in There – The Stovall SistersThe… 

A man in fine thread. Radiant with elegance.

Funky Pete – Unique funk songs with a captivating note

A vibrant journey through funky music, featuring a range of artists who have left their mark in different eras. Each song telling a unique story and capturing a distinct era.   Behind the note … Cloud of Sunshine – Jae MasonFrom “Tender Man” in 1975. Not much is written about… 

Sea Grooves - Future Funkiness

Sea Grooves – A Soulful Testament To Funky Disco Sound

Lively brass sections, tight rhythms, and soulful vocals, a testament to the funk and disco.   One note brown, all night long… All Night Long – SplendorThe members included Billy Nunn, Bobby Nunn, Norman West, Anita Louis, and later, Shelbra Bennett. Richard Shaw was also associated with the group. From… 

Sweat Lucy - Funky and soulful vibes

Sweet Lucy – Infectious rhythms and great party anthem.

Catchy melodies that hit hooks and shake into a great party anthem.   Funky and soulful vibes Plastic People – Living ColorProduced and released by Tony Kalangis on his Sophisticated Funk label in 1974. The clavinet riff is gently twangy and instantly funky, the horns punctuate an uplifting melody, while… 


Ghost Walk – A Brilliant Movement Is Celebrating Afrobeat

Afrobeat, rich in its influences from jazz, funk, and rock, has found a home among many performers, offering a unique blend of sounds that captivate and inspire. The challenge of mastering the intricate polyrhythms and the groove that Afrobeat demands is a testament to its appeal, a challenge that seasoned… 

Free Power

Infernal Blues Machine – Free Songs Celebration By Soulman

“My mother tried to flush me. That’s how I learned to swim. She didn’t need a baby. No, she did it for a whim. My father was a junkie. A low-down dirty shame. He left my mother nothin’. And he didn’t leave me his name” from “Swim” by Jack Hammer….