Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

Sha La La La Lee

A teamwork with our special guest Phil Matsell! A knowledgeable man of mod music. We were very happy when he accepted our invitation and completed our playlist. All handmade!! Let’s kick the starter of our Vespa and go for a ride. Thanks Phil to be part of this nice time… 

It’s My Party and I’ll Get Blocked If I Want to!

Mods music overloaded by Phil Matsell!   Beat by beat “Mad Mouth Woman” by Wayne Carter from 1973 is such a killer tune, that we can already guess that this will be a great mix. Another awesome tune is “Jerkin‘ The Dog” (1965) by Atlanta’s own James T. Shaw, aka… 

I’m Alive!

This mix is about lads starting to make their own music, soaked with black Rhythm and Blues. The start to what become Garage Sound. Fasten seatbelt, grab a brownie and light a fire!   Gimme fire! I’m Alive – Johnny Thunder“I’m Alive” is a song written by Tommy James and… 

I am the black of the sun

I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun

Talking about Mixcloud with my friend Franco Ponticelli we came up with the idea to create a mix together. He sent me a great psychedelic soul playlist and I was delighted with it. Here now the a bit drug-drenched but beautiful baby.   Colour Combination Fits to the last mix… 

Third Rock

Third Rock

A young man, named James Marshall Hendrix moved to England in late 1966 to change the world of music radically. This is a mix about distortion guitar in Funk music.   Distortion funk A young man, named James Marshall Hendrix moved to Clarksville, Tennessee soon after and began playing gigs… 

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