Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock


Soulicious Fruits

Fruity session by Franco Ponticelli / DJ F@SOUL from Austria.   Highlight of the mix for us, is the Sam Dees & Bettye Swann Duet from 1975. Also the well known “Love You Just As Long As I Can” Free Spirit. Another candy is Luther Ingram’s “Let’s Steal Away To… 


Main Ingredient

An amazing funky session by Huas from Holland.   There are some fine tunes, I did’nt knew. Such as Wade Marcus who was a producer during the 1970s. He composed the music to the film “The Final Comedown” with Grant Green. His Spinning Wheel was from 1971. A highlight also… 

A Chunk of Spunky Funk

A Chunk of Spunky Funk

A superfunky guest mix by Floppysock, Kent, United Kingdom   The mix contains hot producers, such Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee.The brain behind project is the one and only Dave Allison. Head honcho at Kinjo Music and not a stranger to the funky, slo-mo disco sound, Dave seems to… 


Electic 3

A soulful guest Mix by Electic, United States.   We very much appreciate how Electic always tastefully puts its mixes together. All mixes are unique, some kind of special and always of good quality. This beauty starts with a great Rhythm and Blues track by Ike & Tina from 1970… 



A breakbeats guest Mix by Funkadelian, Serbia. The two Rrriot Bass Girls Kinga Głyk and Ida Nielsen are definitely artists to watch. Kinga Głyk is an amazing bass player of the new generation and a rising star of the Jazz Blues music. Ida Nielsen started playing bass at age 16…. 

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