Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

Portrait of Neguinho Poeta from the Favela in Rio.

Neguinho Poeta – A vibrant mix under the sun

Exploring the vibrant soundscape: A musical journey through brazilian grooves. In this musical journey, we delve into a curated selection of iconic tracks that exemplify the depth and richness of Brazilian music. Besides classic hits to hidden gems, each song offers a unique glimpse into the soul of Brazil and… 

I Can Only Give You Everything – Social Revolution Music

The Swinging 60s refers to a cultural and social revolution that took place in the 1960s, primarily in the United Kingdom, but also influencing other parts of the world.   The Swinging 60s refers to a cultural and social revolution that took place in the 1960s, primarily in the United… 

A colourful swirl of musical possibilities

A Soulful Clown – The best songwriters of Folk Funk

Eclectic blend of folk and funk influences and its ability to merge different musical traditions.   Folk Funk? As the 1960s melted into the ’70s in a colourful swirl of musical possibility, bands and singer-songwriters were experimenting with newfound freedoms. The psychedelic era had brought about many changes and much… 


Ghost Walk – A Brilliant Movement Is Celebrating Afrobeat

Afrobeat, rich in its influences from jazz, funk, and rock, has found a home among many performers, offering a unique blend of sounds that captivate and inspire. The challenge of mastering the intricate polyrhythms and the groove that Afrobeat demands is a testament to its appeal, a challenge that seasoned… 

In Kashmir

The Black Rabbit In Kashmir – Forgotten tunes revived

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International Reggae Day

Peace and Unity – Embracing Love on International Reggae Day

International Reggae Day is an annual event held in Kingston, Jamaica, and is dedicated to celebrating this style of music that entered into the world in a sleepy little island country in the Caribbean. Here is our contribution. Dedicated to our friend Tito Gonzales Sarango.   Cool And Calm… Originally…