Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock


Electic 3

A soulful guest Mix by Electic, United States.   We very much appreciate how Electic always tastefully puts its mixes together. All mixes are unique, some kind of special and always of good quality. This beauty starts with a great Rhythm and Blues track by Ike & Tina from 1970… 

Jukebox Heroes

Jukebox Heroes

If I had a jukebox, these would be the tracks that would be on it. Music covers and recovered tracks mainly cribbed from the Fab 4, other british invasion bands and american successes of the 60/70’s. “Hey Jude” is the ninth studio album by Wilson Pickett. Also released as a… 

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove Mix

Guest Mix by Dr. Strangelove, Berlin, Germany. The start already has some cool tunes to offer. “Hogtied” by Chain Reaction from 1977. Available on Bandcamp and surely worth to have an ear. Or an other beautiful track from Messengers Inc. The highlights are coming later with “Ain’t my stuff good… 

Soul Gramophon Session #4

Guest Mix by Cupatee Selecta, Switzerland.   We like especially the groove between white and black funk’n’soul. This mix never get bored and reflect both side. „Work Song“ of Pat Lundy is for shure a groover. The track of more than 7 minutes blows away. Next highlights are for sure… 

Attica Blues

Attica Blues

A tribute to all strong women of all colors. Of all ages of many loves. Woman of the cheeky type… The shy type, the lived type… Married, needy, single, happy, headed and unbalanced. First we start with the great „Attica Blues“ of Archie Shepp, featuring Jo Armstead and Albertine Robertson… 

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