Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

Electric Black Man

This is the last mix of the Black Trilogie. While the first two mixes where about suffering with drugs, dealing in the ghetto and about emancipation of woman in the second. This mix is about liberation, proud and resitence through soul and funk music. Curtis Mayfield had left The Impressions… 

Attica Blues

A tribute to all strong women of all colors. Of all ages of many loves. Woman of the cheeky type… The shy type, the lived type… Married, needy, single, happy, headed and unbalanced. First we start with the great “Attica Blues” of Archie Shepp, featuring Jo Armstead and Albertine Robertson… 

Night People


About night people, gamblers, drug dealers and late night ladies. This mix should reflect a part of the misery in the Ghetto’s at that time.Inspired by Terminal Bar, see the Trailer at the end of the post. Brother Soul, a group from the Bronx modeling their sound after James Brown…