Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

A colourful swirl of musical possibilities

A Soulful Clown – The best songwriters of Folk Funk

Eclectic blend of folk and funk influences and its ability to merge different musical traditions.


The Trip

Folk Funk?

As the 1960s melted into the ’70s in a colourful swirl of musical possibility, bands and singer-songwriters were experimenting with newfound freedoms. The psychedelic era had brought about many changes and much political upheaval in its wake. Discrete genres became fluid. Many acts fused different sounds together. Rock would meet jazz. Soul was mixed with psychedelia. In this fecund environment the nebulous yet highly prized form of folk funk emerged. Crate-digging for folk funk: 10 sublime records by Ben Murphy

Here is our more funkier selection ;-).

Oh, Linda – Gordon Lightfoot
A heartfelt song written and performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. Released in 1970, the song showcases Lightfoot’s distinctive folk-pop sound and his ability to tell compelling stories through his music.

Green Grass – Bill Withers
Green Grass” is a captivating song by the legendary American singer-songwriter Bill Withers. Released in 1971 as part of his album “Just As I Am,” the song showcases Withers’ soulful voice and heartfelt storytelling. Bill Withers was known for his ability to infuse soul, R&B, and folk influences into his music, creating a unique and timeless sound. “Green Grass” is a prime example of Withers’ ability to blend genres and create music that resonates with listeners.

A Possibility (Back Home) – Wanda Robinson
A captivating and soulful song by Wanda Robinson, an American singer, songwriter, and poet. Released in 1974 as part of her album “Black Ivory,” the song showcases Robinson’s unique vocal style and powerful lyrical storytelling. Wanda Robinson was a multi-talented artist known for her fusion of spoken word poetry, jazz, soul, and R&B. The song exemplifies her ability to blend different musical elements to create a captivating and introspective piece of art.

Gun – Gil Scott-Heron
In “Gun,” Scott-Heron uses poetic storytelling to explore the consequences of gun violence. He paints a vivid picture of the destructive power of firearms and the impact they have on individuals and communities. The lyrics confront the realities of gun-related incidents, highlighting the loss of life and the pain inflicted on families and communities. A powerful and thought-provoking song by Gil Scott-Heron, an influential American poet, musician, and activist. Released in 1981 as part of his album “Reflections,” the song addresses the complex and troubling issue of gun violence in society.

War Song – Jon Lucien
In “War Song,” Jon Lucien uses his smooth and soulful voice to convey a message of peace, unity, and the need for love to overcome the conflicts of the world. The song explores the futility and tragedy of war, urging listeners to embrace understanding and compassion instead. Lucien’s rich vocals, backed by a lush arrangement of instruments, create a captivating and soul-stirring experience. Released in 1975 as part of his album “Mind’s Eye,” the song addresses the theme of war and its devastating impact on humanity.

Chica Boom – Jimmie & Vella
Chica Boom” is a lively and upbeat song recorded by Jimmie & Vella. The track showcases a fusion of Latin rhythms, soulful vocals, and infectious energy. The song features a lively arrangement with elements of salsa, Latin funk, and soul, creating a festive and celebratory atmosphere. Jimmie & Vella Cameron are a duo composed of brother and sister, Jimmie Cameron and Vella Cameron. They began their recording careers in 1964 after moving from their hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee to Los Angeles, California. Collaborating with Barry White provided them with valuable opportunities and exposure within the music industry.

Long Way Down – Eric Mercury
The song features a dynamic arrangement with a blend of soulful melodies, driving rhythms, and captivating guitar work. “Long Way Down” explores themes of struggle, introspection, and the challenges of life’s journey. Mercury’s soulful and passionate vocals bring depth and emotion to the lyrics, resonating with listeners on a personal level. A song released in 1973, showcases Mercury’s powerful vocals and his ability to deliver emotive performances.

Woman, Woman – Johnny Bristol
The song features a lush arrangement with a blend of soulful melodies, gentle piano, and sweeping strings. The instrumentation perfectly complements Bristol’s emotive vocals, creating a poignant and captivating listening experience. Johnny Bristol had a successful career as a singer, songwriter, and producer in the music industry. He worked with renowned artists like Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, and co-wrote several hits for Motown Records.

You’re The Violin – Roosevelt Grier
You’re The Violin” is a romantic ballad that highlights Grier’s soulful vocals and his ability to convey deep emotions through his singing. The song’s lyrics express love and admiration for someone, using the metaphor of a violin to describe the beauty and harmony that the person brings to Grier’s life. The tender melody and heartfelt delivery make the song a touching tribute to love and the power it holds. Released in 1969.

Look Beyond The Hill – The Crusaders
Released in 1972 as part of their album “Crusaders 1,” features the band’s signature mix of energetic horns, funky rhythms, but also melodic improvisations. The track combines elements of jazz with a soulful, creating an irresistible fusion of musical styles.

I Feel Like Breaking up Somebody’s Home Tonight – Ann Peebles
Released in 1972 as a single and included on her album “I Can’t Stand the Rain,” the song showcases Peebles’ soulful voice and her ability to convey raw emotions through her music. Ann Peebles was known for her soulful and bluesy style exemplifies her ability to deliver a captivating performance.

Wichita Lineman – The Meters
A classic song written by Jimmy Webb and originally performed by Glen Campbell. While The Meters, a renowned funk band from New Orleans, has an extensive repertoire of their own original music, they are not typically associated with a cover version of “Wichita Lineman.” The Meters, consisting of members Art Neville, George Porter Jr., Leo Nocentelli, and Joseph Modeliste, are celebrated for their instrumental funk sound and their contributions to the development of the New Orleans funk and R&B scene. Known for their tight grooves, syncopated rhythms, and infectious energy.

The Perfect Dream – Gene McDaniels
Recorded by Gene McDaniels, an American singer and songwriter known for his soulful and expressive vocals. The track was released in 1975 and is featured on one of McDaniels’ “Natural Juices”.

Red Light Ladies – Linda Lewis
Red Light Ladies” is a song recorded by Linda Lewis, a British singer-songwriter known for her soulful vocals and diverse musical style. The track was released in 1973 on the beautiful “Fathoms Deep”.

Say You’ll Be With Me – Denny Guy
As an introductory album, “Introducing Denny Guy” may aim to establish Denny Guy as a promising artist in the music industry. It provides listeners with an opportunity to discover and explore his unique sound, style, and potential as an emerging artist. From 1972.

Soulful Clown – Terry Callier
A song recorded by Terry Callier, an American singer-songwriter known for his unique blend of folk, jazz, and soul music. The track was released in [insert year] and is featured on one of Callier’s albums. “Soulful Clown” serves as a testament to Terry Callier’s artistry and his ability to create soulful and introspective music that transcends genres.

Mom – Earth, Wind & Fire
From the legendary American band Earth, Wind & Fire. It is featured on their third studio album from 1972. The song pays tribute to the unconditional love and support of mothers. The song expresses gratitude and appreciation for the selfless sacrifices and guidance that mothers provide. It celebrates the bond between a child and their mother, highlighting the profound impact mothers have on shaping our lives.

Chelsea Morning – Sergio Mendes
A song originally written and composed by Joni Mitchell in 1967. However, it gained further popularity through the rendition by Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes and his group, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66. The song was included on their 1968 album, “Look Around.” Sergio Mendes is known for his distinctive blend of Brazilian bossa nova, samba, jazz, and pop music. With his group, Brasil ’66, Mendes brought a fresh and captivating sound to the music scene, incorporating lush vocal harmonies, infectious rhythms, and a modern flair.



  1. Oh, Linda – Gordon Lightfoot
  2. Green Grass – Bill Withers
  3. A Possibility (Back Home) – Wanda Robinson
  4. Gun – Gil Scott-Heron
  5. War Song – Jon Lucien
  6. Chica Boom – Jimmie & Vella
  7. Long Way Down – Eric Mercury
  8. Woman, Woman – Johnny Bristol
  9. You’re The Violin – Roosevelt Grier
  10. Look Beyond The Hill – The Crusaders
  11. I Feel Like Breaking up Somebody’s Home Tonight – Ann Peebles
  12. Wichita Lineman – The Meters
  13. The Perfect Dream – Gene McDaniels
  14. Red Light Ladies – Linda Lewis
  15. Say You’ll Be With Me – Denny Guy
  16. Soulful Clown – Terry Callier
  17. Mom – Earth, Wind & Fire
  18. Chelsea Morning – Sergio Mendes

Eclectic blend of folk and funk influences. by Funkologie on Mixcloud

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