Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

Northern Fire

Do your spins, flips, karate kicks and backdrops for New Years Eve!

Northern Soul is a phrase coined by writer Dave Godin in 1970, when he noticed football fans from northern England asking for old-fashioned, fast-tempo soul records in his London shop. 

Northerners would come into Godin’s London store, Soul City, and ask for completely different tunes to his regular southern customers. “What I noticed was that people who came from the north were not buying what was subsequently called funk,” said Godin. The sound was uptempo and mainly based on the stomping beat personified by the Four Tops’ ‘Can’t Help Myself’ and other Motown productions. This sound was largely fuelled by increasing amphetamine use at all-nighters, where Northern Soul was forged and thrived.

Soul Source Event Guide – Today!

  1. The Champion (Part.1) – Willie Mitchell
  2. Manifesto – James Lewis
  3. It’s All Over Me – Otis Blackwell
  4. Shotgun – Jr. Walker & The All Stars
  5. You Can’t Hurry Love – The Supremes
  6. I Get The Sweetest Feeling – Jackie Wilson
  7. I Would If I Could – The Sweet Three
  8. I’m Where It’s At – The Jades
  9. King Hustler featuring The Moods – The Moods
  10. Ain’t That Peculiar – George Tindley
  11. Shake Your Booty – Bunny Sigler
  12. Nothing But A Heartache – The Flirtations
  13. Backfield In Motion – Live – Mel & Tim
  14. Never Say No To Your Baby – The Hit Pack
  15. B-A-B-Y – Carla Thomas
  16. Shing-a-Ling – The Cooperettes
  17. Purple Haze – Johnny Jones, The King Casuals
  18. Get Ready – The Temptations
  19. Tainted Love – Gloria Jones
  20. Baby Boy – Fred Hughes

Soul Galore! The Northern Soul Of Brunswick