Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

Asleep in the Desert

A mind trip I had on a summer night walk.Sometimes I have sound images in my head. This is one of it.   Solar Flares Braver Times – SomeoneSomeone is the moniker for multi-disciplinary artist Tessa Rose Jackson. As Someone, she releases abstract art and psychedelic pop music.  Soft Wind… 

The Big Tweed

Drug-infused Wah-Wah Sound and Sexy Music. Psychodelica and that what shocked and delighted the world.   Popcorn… Psychedelic soul was born in the late ’60s, as the chemically altered consciousness and trippy production techniques of psychedelic rock found their way into the soul music of the period. Its receptiveness to… 


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I’m Alive!

This mix is about lads starting to make their own music, soaked with black Rhythm and Blues. The start to what become Garage Sound. Fasten seatbelt, grab a brownie and light a fire!   Gimme fire! I’m Alive – Johnny Thunder“I’m Alive” is a song written by Tommy James and… 

Diving Duck Blues

Diving Duck Blues

Diving Duck Blues is a retrospective of all blues music I used to listen from teenager age until today. This is not a purist mix but what I love about the Blues. From my mother and my friends. This mix is dedicated to my “compadre” Phil and all Blues fans… 

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