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Funky Explorations

Funky Explorations #49

A superb collaboration with La Fabrock and Gelale

Not long ago I was asked by Gelale if I would like to participate in an exploration mix? I gladly accepted. Now this beauty has come out. I would like to thank Gelale and La Fabrock for this amazing enterprise.

Highlight of the mix is for sure Pour Soul‘s “New Kind of Nothing”. I didn’t know the superfunky “Funk ‘N’ Bop” by Mutiny either. “Mutiny on the Mamaship” was the debut album by former Parliament-Funkadelic drummer Jerome Brailey from 1979. Also a hit is the Harry Hann’s record “Bump and Run” from 1977, when “The Bump” was one of the hottest dances around. “Tout mou tout doux” by blockhead Serge Gainsbourg from 1973 is just a pearl which I didn’t know. This tracks and Adam Sherburne‘s beautiful “Composite Sketch” make me proud to be part of it.


  1. Musical Gymnastics – Dafuniks
  2. Dolla Diva (feat. David Shaw, Maggie Koerner) – Galactic
  3. I Got Cash – Brooklyn Funk Essentials
  4. Composite Sketch – Childman
  5. Amerykhan Promise – Erykah Badu
  6. Rios, Pontes e Overdrives – Chico Science & Nação Zumbi
  7. Honeybee Blues – The Tao of Groove


  1. New Kind of Nothing – Pour Soul
  2. L’Ordinateur – Souleance
  3. Tumba – Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  4. I Just Want To Funk (With You) – BHY
  5. Funk ‘N’ Bop – Mutiny

La Fabrock

  1. Dreaming in the daytime (feat. MF DOOM) – Tuxedo
  2. Bump and Run – Harry Hann
  3. 16 Toneladas – Funk Como Le Gusta
  4. Tout mou tout doux – Serge Gainsbourg
  5. Pas du tout – Jake Sollo

A superb collaboration with La Fabrock and Gelale. by La Fabrock on Mixcloud


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