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A funky journey with Don Sicalíptico, Estudiodelsonidoesnob


Don Sicalíptico

Don Sicalíptico

From the archives of the Studiodelsonidoesnob. With Don you always have the cool tunes you need to hear. His blog is a huge hodgepodge.

Funk history and reports in Spanish and very worth seeing and hearing. His mixes are top. Whether he plays the song “Apache” in one hour or like here his whole collection. Check out the show…

The Cream of the cream…

One of the creamy tunes is for shure “Funk ’74” by Zipp a British rock group. Another great track “Put Your Hoe To My Row” by James “Jimmy” Ellis is a blues musician. He has a recording career that goes back to the mid 1960s. On more than one occasion he has played at the Dusk Til Dawn Blues Festivals.

One of my favorite song on this is for shure Bobby Keys‘ “Gimme the key”. Also to here on Canned Funk. Bobby performed with other musicians as a member of several horn sections of the 1970s. He is credited on Stones and Clapton Albums and so on. Another Hit is “Party Freak” by Alan Shelly. Best Records in Italy drop a reissue of the terrific disco-funk groover.

Another jewel is “Blackout” by Wess & The Airedales. Wess Johnson singer and bass guitarist and naturalized Italian, who had a great succes in Italy. Stack by stack another killer by Lionel Hampton. “Off Into The Black Thing” a musical masterpiece from 1976. Lionel was vibraphonist, pianist, percussionist, and bandleader. Hampton worked with jazz musicians from Teddy Wilson, Benny Goodman and Buddy Rich to Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus or Quincy Jones.

Thanks Don Sicalíptico for such fun listening to your mixes. Always a lot fun and such great discoveries.
Michel from Funkologie


  1. Al Sharp – Funky Lover
  2. John Cameron & The Camerons – Funky John
  3. Zipp – Funk’74
  4. The Brothers – Brother’s Groove
  5. Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis – I Gotta See My Baby
  6. Brand New – Earthquake
  7. Bobby Keys – Gimme The Key
  8. The Commodores – Keep On Dancing
  9. Mickey & The Soul Generation – Iron Leg
  10. Al Gardner – Sweet Baby
  11. Lyn Collins – Think
  12. Doc Rand & The Purple Blues – I Need A Woman
  13. Chuck Jackson – Candy
  14. Sweet Les & The Joe Frazier’s Knockouts – Sweet Potato, Collard Greens
  15. Alan Shelly (aka Manu Dibango) – Party Freaks
  16. Chakachas – Jungle Fever
  17. Wess & The Airedales – Black Out
  18. Diplomats of Solid Soul – Hurt Me So
  19. Dynamic Corvettes – Funky Music Is The Thing
  20. Alvin Cash – Funky’69
  21. Lionel Hampton – Off Into A Black Thing
  22. Betty Davis – F.u.n.k.
  23. The Presidents – It’s My Thing

Please check out his amazing Blog.

Here another crazy mix, by playing “Apache” by the Shadows in a row… :-)