Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

Jackie Shane

Any Other Way – Discover the Marvels of Pure Wonder Bags

The world of Haris_Pal. His mixes are like the purest wonder bags. You never know what you get, but always pure joy.   The Platters were one of the most successful vocal groups of the early rock and roll era. Their distinctive sound bridges the pre-rock Tin Pan Alley tradition… 

Cold Night in Santa Fe

Cold Night in Santa Fe – Trendy Soul from Today and Evergreens

A mix of today’s hottest soul music and some evergreens from the past to warm your soul.   Heaven’s On The Other Side Black Rain – Ben HarperHarper is a fantastically talented musician and he has a really great voice to be heard on “Both Sides of the Gun” from… 

Hitch-hiking to New Orleans

Delilah’s Power – A Hippie-Inspired And Captivating Adventure

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Kids playing Basketball

Move With the Groove – The Heartbeat Of The World

Feel everything in the present moment, but do not be defined by anything. A pocketful of Soul!   Set your Soul on fire! Welcome to a sonic odyssey through the soulful sounds of the 1960s and 1970s, a journey that takes you back to the era when funk, soul, and… 

Peace Is Gonna Come

Peace Is Gonna Come – Stop the War and Foster Harmony for a Better World

The 100th show. Our mixes have been played about 45,000 times. What a pleasant surprise. This is something special, right? This means that you like our music collection. Time to say thank you for your infinitely large support. A speech for love and peace in this time of trouble…  … 

Love Is The New Black

Love Is The New Black

This year we were lucky again to be part of Johannes Roling’s Advent calendar on his beautiful blog. What a beautiful end to a special year. Stay healthy, stay fresh and funky.   Gin & Tonic and Havanna Moon… The Way – Meshell NdegeocelloAlthough Michelle Lynn Johnson also known as…