Soul music with a greater emphasis on beats, influences from
rhythm and blues, jazz and psychedelic rock

Funkologie Crew Sensations

Funkologie Crew Sensations Vol.6

The Funkologie Crew wish you a Merry Christmas and a better New Year with this mix. Take care and thanks for your support. Modern Soul combined with Lebanese Disco and a lot of Afrobeat. Does this work? Take an ear on it.   This is a collaboration with our Facebook… 

Slim Pickings

Slim Pickings

Hors d’oeuvre, chillouts and a little bit of bossa nova in the footsteps of Bullit.   Blue’s Crib Tension – Rioland, GoldfederBristling with psychedelic, cosmic and curiously Balearic oddities hand-picked from the depths of their vast record collections, Magik Sunrise is, if anything, even more inspired that its predecessor. Slim… 

Pounds of Soul

Pounds of Soul

Classics of classics soul pepped up with Nu Soul prepared to (re)discover. A cocktail about simple and complicated love. This mix is dedicated to “The Soul Preacher” who provides us with finest Soul over all the time.   About the cover Angela Yvonne Davis became a master scholar who studied… 

Pam Grier

Soul Girls

A supersexy selection by Dr. Strangelove, Berlin, Germany.   And some that are really new to me.Such as Dorothy & Oma & Zelpha or Rhetta Hughes who was featured on the track „Mother’s Prayer“ on the 1971 album “As Serious as a Heart-Attack” by Melvin Van Peebles or the 1973… 


Super Fine

A super fine selection collection of my favourite soul tunes.   The Softparade The Women Gather – Nikki GiovanniAmerican poet, writer, commentator, activist, and educator. One of the world’s most well-known African-American poets, her work includes poetry anthologies, poetry recordings, and nonfiction essays, and covers topics ranging from race and… 

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